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How to Prepare for an Office Remodel | Red Rock Construction

An office remodel can take a lot of time and energy, so it’s important to be prepared for what to expect before construction begins.

The most important — and hardest — part is finding the right construction company to undergo your renovation. You want to work with a professional, honest and straightforward team who is easy to communicate with. They should be open to answering questions and working efficiently toward solutions.

prepare office remodel

Once that’s settled, there are still practical ways for you, as the landlord or office manager, to prepare for the project.

Plan Ahead & Maintain Clear Goals

Big projects can create confusion for clients. Even though the construction team is on top of the job, landlords and office managers often feel scattered or frazzled as they prepare for the upcoming renovation.

Make a list of questions and talk with your financial team and appropriate staff members. Some good questions to ask are:

  • Why are we remodeling? To update outdated structures and designs? Prepare for new buyers? Install better technology?
  • Since we’re already remodeling, should we also consider expanding? How many employees can we accommodate in our space? How many do we wish we could comfortably fit?
  • How will the project impact workflow? Will the team work in the office during construction? Will we have to rent a temporary space or can we all work remotely without impacting productivity?
  • Should we get ideas and input from our staff?
  • What is the budget for the project? Is there any financial flexibility in case unexpected issues arise?

If you and your team are unsure of any of the answers, the construction manager might be able to help.

Balance Expectations

Depending on the scope of your project, the remodel could take from a couple of weeks to a few months. Lean toward the longer scenario and plan accordingly so that you and your team aren’t left scrambling when you realize the construction is only partially finished but you planned to be back working in the office by then.

Consistent, clear communication between your team and your construction team will help eliminate any surprises and misunderstandings, allowing the project to flow smoothly.

Call Red Rock Construction for Your Office Remodel

The Red Rock Construction team has more than 40 years of renovation experience, and we understand the importance of preparing for an office remodel. Take the time now to ask the right questions and come up with a game plan for workflow during the remodel. Leave everything else to us. Give us a call today for a renovation estimate!

5 Signs You Need a General Contractor

General contractors manage all aspects of a construction project. They hire and supervise subcontractors, orchestrate building permits, schedule inspections, and of course, make sure homes or businesses are built or remodeled safely and to the customers’ satisfaction.

If you’re not a construction expert and know that you want to remodel, demolish or build, take a look at the five signs below that you need a general contractor to lead your construction project.

need general contractor

1.You Lack the Skill

Unless you’re already an experienced professional, chances are you won’t have the skills you need to remodel, demolish or build on your own. While it’s important to know what’s going on with your project and you should never feel like you’re in the dark, getting too involved could only create problems. At worst, if you meddle or try to shoulder the task alone, the situation could be dangerous. Inexperienced hands should never touch machinery, equipment or electrical objects.

The practical solution is to step aside and let a team with years of experience take care of your project. A good contractor will encourage questions, so don’t be afraid to regularly ask for updates concerning your project.

2.It’s a Big Project

Some people are surprised to hear that a project like remodeling a home or office kitchen takes five to six weeks to complete. Plus, you can tack on an extra month or more for larger projects that include demolition and building. Do you have the time and resources to undergo such a task?
If not, call a general contractor. They will take care of the day-to-day operations and coordinate with a trusted electrician, carpenter, plumber and the pros who install countertops, cabinets, flooring, appliances and more. Sounds like a big job best left to the experts, right?

3.You’re Not Sure About the Project Price

The first step of a trustworthy general contractor should be to provide a cost estimate. Before the project even starts, your contractor should visit the site and evaluate the property. The contractor will come up with a fair, honest estimate and discuss your budget with you, taking into account any additional fees like labor and materials.

4.The Job Requires Permits

A general contractor is typically responsible for filing for and acquiring building permits. They navigate through the appropriate city or town governmental departments to get your permit approved as quickly as possible, and they’re educated on complex topics such as ordinances, regulations and more.

5.Your Schedule Is Packed

If you’re already busy with work, family, friends and day-to-day demands, chances are you won’t have time to keep up with every detail of the project. Rely on trusted general contractors — such as the team at Red Rock Construction —to get the job done.

Red Rock Construction has provided quality services at competitive prices for 40 years. Call us today for an estimate to get your residential or business project started.

Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

At Red Rock Construction, we’re here to take control of your remodeling needs. Whether you require residential or commercial remodeling services, our professional contractors have seen every possible remodeling situation and know what you need to get the job done.

We’ve also seen numerous examples of people going about remodeling projects in entirely the wrong ways, and we’re here to stop that from happening to you. Let’s look at some of the top rookie mistakes we’ve found during the remodeling process, plus the proper way to go about several of these related areas.

remodeling mistakes avoid

Non-Flexible Budget

The budget is the first big item that should be on your list for any remodeling project, and while it’s important to arrive at a range here, you want to avoid being too strict here. Remodeling and other construction projects require flexible budgets – it’s always possible that material costs or other factors won’t work out exactly how they were planned.

For this reason, we recommend leaving at least a 15 percent “buffer” of sorts for some wiggle room in case of unexpected expenditures. If you don’t do this, you might find yourself in some hot water financially if things run a bit over budget.

Wrong Rooms

If you have a bigger home and you’re considering remodeling just parts of it, which parts should you choose? It’s naturally tempting to look first at the rooms that are most “ours,” such as the bedroom or office where we spend a lot of our sedentary time.

Actually, though, these are often the areas that need the least attention when it comes to future property value in particular. Instead, you want to be thinking about high-traffic areas first and foremost – the kitchen, living room and dining room are all good examples here. These rooms are the true centerpieces of the home, and the areas that have the largest effect on home value if you ever choose to sell. If you’re unsure which rooms to prioritize, look at these first.


Some homeowners think that simply avoiding the bathrooms is the way to go – it’s not a particularly high-traffic area in most cases, after all, and isn’t a central area in the home. But bathrooms are another area that are valued very highly when it comes to real estate and selling a home. Keeping market value high might dictate that you should remodel the bathrooms even if they don’t fit the high-traffic model.

Contractor Concerns

We’re infinitely confident in our services at Red Rock Construction – so confident, in fact, that we invite comparisons to our competitors. When you’re doing this, it’s important not to just pick the first name you see on a list. Do some real shopping, including checking reviews and asking about the history and previous jobs done by any contractor you look at. Make sure you’re getting all the proper services and you’re clear on pricing and any related areas before you sign.

For more on mistakes to avoid during a remodel, or to learn about any of our home remodeling services, speak to the pros at Red Rock Construction today.

What You Need to Know About Your First Commercial Project

What You Need to Know About Your First Commercial Project
First-time commercial construction projects are exciting opportunities for property owners, though you should know a couple of important things before diving in.

Have you found a trusted construction company to redevelop or update your commercial real estate facilities? Do you have a clear understanding about the logistics?

first commercial construction project

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s OK. Whether you’re starting from scratch, building, demolishing, building out or merely in need of simple repairs, Red Rock Construction is the reliable Utah team eager to work with property owners ready to take the next step.

Get Trusted Expert Advice Early

The most important step in your commercial project is finding a trusted construction company to offer honest, beneficial advice. You want to work with a company that appreciates your project ideas, not just reaches for the money in your wallet.

Your chosen construction team should also understand your project’s vision. The company should be engaged and respectful, actively offer suggestions and improvements, ask relevant questions and give valuable advice. Build a relationship with your contractor — you should be able to depend on them throughout this exciting but often nerve-wracking journey.

The earlier you bring a construction company on board, the better. That way, you don’t waste any time getting the project off the ground. An expert construction team will guide you through the complications of launching your project, from your imagination to paper and finally, to a real-life structure.

Understand Logistics of a Commercial Project

Even though the right construction team will stand by your side and offer sound advice, as the property owner, you need to understand what’s going on. Logistics, budget, conditions, permits — these are all important factors in the process.

You have to ask yourself questions like: Is this the best location for my project, and will the site work well with my ideas? Is my budget realistic? Am I able to get what I envision with the amount I have budgeted, or do I need to revisit my choices?

An experienced construction team like Red Rock will be able to help you with these questions and more.

Call Us Today

Don’t put off your commercial project any longer! If you’re looking for a trusted, reliable construction team, contact us at Red Rock Construction today. We’re happy to chat with you about your ideas and expectations. Our team is capable of any task you might have for us, and we look forward to hearing from you!

When to Rebuild a Commercial Space

Rebuilding a commercial space can be daunting. The idea will likely raise concerns about budget and you might not know where to start since the project seems so big. And where will you find a trusted construction team to do the work? However, the benefits of rebuilding should outweigh your doubts and concerns, especially if your goal is to have a fully modernized space with new plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more.

If your commercial building is severely out of date and necessary changes include replacing major units, consider consulting with an expert to discuss a rebuild. The team at Red Rock Construction is skilled at demolition and rebuilds and would be happy to help with your project.

rebuild commercial space

If You Need Updated Systems

Renovating typically costs less than rebuilding. However, rebuilding could ultimately be your best option if you have serious concerns about the condition of your property. An overhaul will strengthen and modernize your building.
Tenants and new buyers are looking for convenience and quality, and will most likely prefer a building with a solid structure and modern internal systems. When you rebuild, property value will soar. Sometimes, starting from scratch improves your bottom line more than renovating.

If You Want a Modern Style

Aesthetically, you can only go so far with renovations. It’s impossible to fully modernize a building by refurbishing it alone, no matter how many fresh layers of paint you add or how many times you re-do the office bathrooms.
However, if you’re already considering rebuilding for foundational and internal system-related reasons, an upgrade offers an opportunity to build new, modern interiors.
Style is a necessity for most tenants and property owners on the hunt for that next great buy. During your rebuild, you’ll have the freedom to do away with out-of-date styles that a simple renovation might not accomplish.
By rebuilding now, you’ll get ahead of your competition with your foundation, updated systems and modern look.

Rebuild Your Commercial Space with Our Help

We understand that a rebuild can be intimidating, and that’s why at Red Rock Construction, we’re here for our clients from the beginning of the process to the end.
When you call or email us, we listen to your concerns and provide our expert opinion about whether a rebuild is right for your commercial space. If, based on our recommendation, you decide it’s best to move forward with a rebuild, our trusted team will take care of both the demolition and rebuild. We’re by your side during the entire process, answering questions and addressing concerns.

Opting for a rebuild is a big step, but it’s one we’ll take with you. Contact us today!

How to Know if it’s Time for Demolition

Deciding that it’s time for demolition for your residential or commercial building can be a tough choice. Unlike remodeling or building out, once you start demolition, there’s no turning back. So you want to be sure that it’s the most practical solution for your problem.

What are some ways to tell if you’re on the right track? 

demolition commercial building

Key Signs Demolition Is the Right Choice

A building’s foundation is the most important consideration during your decision-making process. Are foundational portions of your building buckling or cracking? Do you notice structural support weakeningIs mold spreading rapidly? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it could be time for demolition. 

If the issues are too drastic to reasonably mend, then tearing the structure down, clearing away debris and starting over could be the most cost-effective solution. Otherwise, you might start a remodeling project only to realize halfway through that the building is too far gone. 

Likewise, keep in mind that you might not have to demolish the entire structure, depending on what the issue is. If only one room has a severe mold issue or just the walls or ceiling feel unstable, it’s possible that renovation alone could solve the problem. 

Save yourself from a financial mess and stress headache by bringing in a professional. It’s important to have an expert examine the building and provide you with their solution so that you don’t make any wrong assumptions

Something else to consider: Do you love your current building’s location but dislike most design and structural components? If you’re not interested in sacrificing location but you require an overhaul, then knocking down the structure might make the most sense for your needs. Starting over will give you the freedom to pursue your design goals with fresh ideas and no restraint. 

Be Conscious of Local Regulations

Every city and neighborhood has different housing and commercial building regulations, and it’s important to know what the rules are in your area before you pick up a hammer and start swinging

Check restrictions for your neighborhood or city’s height and other building regulations. Don’t forget zoning and permit regulations, and look for ordinances banning or limiting certain size or style structures. If your property is a historic building, there are most likely strict regulations, especially if it’s located in a historic part of the town or city. 

If you ultimately decide to demolish, pick the right construction company to handle the job. At Red Rock Construction, no demo project is too big for us. Give us a call or email us today for more information.

Basics and Examples of the Bump-Out

When many people think about remodeling, they naturally envision large-scale projects that make sweeping changes to a given space. At Red Rock Construction, we take on some of the biggest and most detailed commercial and residential remodeling projects out there.

Remodeling doesn’t necessarily have to be a large-scope project in every case, however. There are several different remodeling areas that can be done in far less time and for a much lower cost than what you might be expecting, all while still helping increase both your comfort and property value. These smaller areas are known as “micro-additions,” and there are several good examples of them throughout the home. One such addition is called the bump-out – what is this, and could it be right for your home? Let’s look at some basics and examples.

basics examples bump-out

Bump-Out Basics

A bump-out refers to a process of extending an existing room by creating an addition to one of the walls moving outward. The bump-out process is similar to creating a new bay window space, increasing the overall space in a given room without significant work required.

The bump-out is a cantilevered process, meaning it’s supported by a long beam and sits above the ground on the extended area. This means there’s no requirement for the bump-out to actually connect to the foundation of the home, which is part of what makes it such a convenient remodeling option. Rather than a complete room addition, which requires attention paid to the foundation, a bump-out can be done with much less work because it’s independent. This also preserves the ground and soil just outside your home.


Here are some examples of bump-out projects, plus how these might benefit your home:

  • Living room: Looking for more screen and speaker space in the living room? One great way to get it might be using a bump-out, which can extend the room without requiring another room created altogether. A bump-out is a common addition for homeowners who have just purchased a new home entertainment system.
  • Upper floors: Because they aren’t connected to the foundation and can be extended horizontally, bump-outs are great for any floor in the home. A common use of the bump-out in upstairs areas, for instance, is to create a window seat in a bedroom that needs a bit more space.
  • Bathroom: Bump-outs are also regularly used in bathroom spaces, commonly to make space for the installation of a Jacuzzi or a similar water element.
  • Kitchen: For kitchens that are cramped, the bump-out is often a great solution. They might allow you to build out your stove area so it’s not such a crunch, or they could make space for a new counter that adds more seating space for the family. Finally, if you’re struggling with kitchen storage, a bump-out can be a great way to carve out some space for new cabinets.

To learn more about the bump-out and why it might be right for you, or for information on any of our home remodeling services, speak to the pros at Red Rock Construction today.