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The Role and Benefits of General Contractors

At Red Rock Construction, we’re proud of all the services provided by our general contractors. From commercial remodeling to building maintenance, office buildouts and even residential work, we’re here to help with any project, large or small.

One question we commonly get from clients who haven’t worked with one before: What exactly is a general contractor? Essentially, general contractors are people who help keep your entire project together from an oversight standpoint to make sure everything is done properly and on-time. Let’s go into some more detail on what general contractors do, why they’re helpful, and what you should look for when hiring one.

role benefits general contractors

Essential Duties

The general contractor for a given project will primarily be in charge of these broad areas:

  • Daily on-site management of project(s)
  • Communication with client, and then to construction team
  • Hiring and supervision of proper labor force

Additional Services

There are a number of other duties general contractors typically take on in some form or another on top of what we listed above, often including the following:

  • Organizing and implementing pre-bid site surveys for basic cost estimates and preparation.
  • Using all tools available to properly estimate final costs.
  • Assessing and ensuring compliance with local and state building guidelines and regulations.
  • Providing materials and equipment for project completion.
  • Maintaining relationships with local subcontractors, and hiring necessary contractors for the project.

Controlling Costs

One of the key benefits of working with a general contractor is the way they help you keep your costs under control. Someone working with you on a daily basis while also overseeing the projects day-to-day operations is a valuable insulator for things like quality control, deadlines and other important areas.

Contractors spend time coordinating with vendors so your materials are where they should be when you need them. They also oversee staff and hire their own labor workers, supervising this entire process with an expert eye so you don’t have to. If there are any delays, which are common during construction, the contractor will adjust the schedule and communicate to make sure everyone involved in the project is on the same page. Without a general contractor, you run the risk of being taken advantage of by subcontractors, hiring subpar labor workers, or missing important deadlines.

What to Look For

What you should be looking for in your contractor depends on the kind of project you’re having done, but qualities like communication and reliability are important regardless. If you need commercial services, a commercial contractor is someone who specializes in these kinds of projects. No matter which kind of contractor you’re interested in, be sure to inquire about proper licensing, bonding and insurance before making any hiring choices.

For more on what general contractors do and why they’re important, or to learn about any of our commercial construction or home remodeling services, speak to the staff at Red Rock Construction today.

Smart Remodeling Projects Before Selling

If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, you’re naturally looking for ways to smartly increase its value and make it attractive to prospective buyers. There are a number of ways you can do this, and one such avenue is through intelligent renovations.

At Red Rock Construction, our residential remodeling services are perfect for those looking to make these kinds of savvy additions before listing a home for sale. We help you with every stage of your project, from design to completion, and our pros have years of experience with the kinds of remodeling areas that increase home values and make them look good for buyers. Here are several remodeling projects to consider if you’re thinking of selling.

rennovating an old home

Kitchen Areas

The kitchen is the foundation of most homes, the central area that often plays the largest role of any room in determining the final value of the house. Kitchen upgrades are considered the best ROI projects for those looking to up home values, with a few great options available for you:

  • Countertops: If your home is still working with older laminate countertops or some other product, a great option could be upgrading to a more modern choice. We’re thinking stone (granite or quartz), tile or certain particle board options that might be available. These will not only up your visual appeal in the kitchen, but also the practical functionality in many cases.
  • Island: Down similar lines, upgrading to a kitchen island is one of the most popular remodeling projects out there today – and with good reason. It offers better storage and appliance space, plus lends an open feel that’s all the rage today.
  • Cabinets: Whether in an island or elsewhere, upgrading cabinets is a great way to increase your ROI. This is the case even if you aren’t remodeling the entire kitchen.

Bathroom Areas

The bathroom is likely the next-most valuable upgrade area behind the kitchen, particularly fixtures that buyers will look to first when they view the home. Consider replacing areas like sinks, showers and other fixtures so they’ll look and function in more modern ways.


Hardwood floors are in right now, and they’ll generally raise the perception of your home from buyers compared to older products like carpet or laminate. If you have it in your budget, upgrading to hardwood floors is another high-ROI option that will be very attractive to potential buyers.

Wall Removal

We mentioned the open feel and its popularity above, and you can really hit on this theme by smartly removing a wall or two. Certain older homes will feel dark or cramped based on too many small rooms – opening it up a bit by removing a couple walls can bring more light and make the home feel larger than before. Our contractors can work with you on exactly which walls to remove if your home is a good candidate here.

For more on smart remodeling projects before a sale, or to learn about any of our general contractor or home remodeling services, speak to the staff at Red Rock Construction today.