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What’s the Difference Between Commercial Remodeling & Renovation?

Commercial remodeling and renovation might sound like similar projects to the untrained ear, but they’re actually very different undertakings.

If you’re looking to change your commercial building, you might be confused. Do you need a remodel or renovation? Well, are you altering your office’s structure? Or are you hoping to give it a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and some bathroom upgrades?

The goal is the same — to improve the structure, aesthetics and functionality of your space. But each approach requires different construction strategies.

Since the definitions aren’t interchangeable, you’ll need to know the difference so you can plan and communicate effectively with your contractor. Plus, if you plan to sell your building, a remodeled space is very different from a renovated one, so you’ll need to know how to communicate with realtors and interested buyers, too.

Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling means changing an entire room or building, including the structure, appearance and functionality. It improves or transforms the space and layout.

  • Remodeling is an involved project. Some common remodel examples include:
  • Expanding a building’s square footage
  • Gutting a space, removing walls or creating an addition
  • Adding plumbing or HVAC ducts
  • Converting to an open floor plan
  • Changing the structure of a room

Most remodeling projects are best left to experienced experts such as contractors. Because of the project’s complexity and the knowledge required, remodels are pricier than renovations and require more time and materials. The bigger your remodel, the more expensive it could get, depending on the length and depth of the project.
Your general contractor may also recommend consulting with an architect or building engineer.

How Renovation Is Different

When you renovate, you fix or update what you have. Renovations tend to be cosmetic changes, without the demolition or construction that a remodel might require.
Renovations are often cheaper than remodeling. Why? Because you’re doing cosmetic work and may not even need to hire a contractor. The cost for materials and labor are less too.
An office renovation might include a fresh coat of paint or updating bathrooms with new toilets and sinks. In contrast, a remodel would be a heavier undertaking, such as moving pipes to relocate a bathroom.

Who to Ask for Help with Commercial Remodeling

If you’re undergoing a commercial remodel or you’re still not sure what category your project belongs in, don’t worry. The team at Red Rock Construction has been doing all varieties of remodeling work for years, and we’re happy to help with your project! Call us today to get started updating your space.

Why a Commercial Remodel Will Modernize Your Office

A commercial remodel may be the solution to your outdated office space. Does your space no longer accommodate your needs? Are you unable to meet sustainability goals with your setup? Are your employees grumpy trying to work in decades-old cubicles?

If you’re considering an office remodel and you’re tired of issues such as poor overhead lighting, tight spaces and an environmentally unfriendly atmosphere, modernize your office while you’re at it.

commercial remodel modernize

Take a look at our design and installation tips to consider during your remodel.

It’s Time to Go Green

If you dream of an eco-friendly office space, then a remodel is the perfect time to invest in sustainable initiatives.

Consider making your space LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED provides a framework to create a healthy and cost-saving space. It’s the most popular green building rating system in the world and can help with nearly all project types, including remodels.

And that’s just the beginning. Go green by tackling the building’s bones, too. Seal air leaks and install and upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems. To reduce your carbon footprint, use low-emissivity glass for windows and doors. Consider installing eco-friendly floors like hardwood, bamboo and cork for an added sustainable touch.

You and your employees can take easy, practical steps, too. Replace old lightbulbs with energy-efficient models. Use water sparingly, turn lights and computers off when they’re not in use and get a recycling bin.

Increase Natural Lighting

Dull, artificial fluorescent lights are known to cause headaches, eye strain and decreased productivity, especially in offices without much natural light. During your remodel, create space by making windows bigger to allow for more natural light in the office.

Natural lighting in the workplace:

  • Fights Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Increases visual clarity and color perception
  • Increases mental alertness and improves mood
  • Supports regulation of vitamin D, serotonin and melatonin, which can prevent illnesses

Create an Open Floor Plan During Your Commercial Remodel

The days of isolating office cubicles are gone. Such drab, cramped office styles have been replaced by contemporary layouts.

Open floor plans create innovative, modern and inspiring workspaces conducive to collaboration and communication.

Open floor plans beg for minimalistic design and décor. If your remodel includes expanding the office and knocking down walls, you’ll have a lot more space to work with. Consider consulting employees for their opinions on adding desks, live plants, couches and changing up the décor.

Find the Best Contractor for the Job

Are you excited about your commercial remodel? It can accomplish so much for your office space, employees and the environment.

Red Rock Construction has spent years completing office remodels. We look forward to working with you, and we’re happy to answer any questions! Call us today.

Common Commercial Remodeling Myths Debunked

Commercial remodeling should be a positive experience for business owners and tenants. However, confusing information circling around online and in the construction industry often leads customers to make wrong assumptions and poor decisions.

To help you with your commercial remodel project, we want to rectify some common construction myths.

Commercial Remodeling Myths

Myth: A DIY Approach Will Save You Money

Are you comfortable single-handedly ordering supplies and performing the work while navigating through the accompanying paperwork? Are you aware of safety hazards? Tackling a project on your own can save money if you have the appropriate skills, tools and resources.

But for most people, that’s not the case. Rushing into a project without professional help could be a costly mistake. If you take the do-it-yourself approach and run into a problem halfway through and need to make an emergency call to have a contractor fix the problem, the project could end up costing much more than it originally would have if they had been hired earlier.

Save yourself time and energy and think about how hiring a professional will relieve you of the stress of the unknown.

Myth: Commercial Remodeling Disrupts Business & Productivity

Business owners often assume that remodeling will interfere with profit and employee productivity. They assume their business will have to shut down temporarily. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Remodels don’t automatically equal chaos and disorganization.

A knowledgeable contractor will sit down with you before the project even starts to discuss ways to keep disruptions and delays at a minimum.

Myth: The Highest or Lowest Contractor Bids Are the Best

Bids can get confusing, because going for the cheapest or most expensive contractor sounds appealing for different reasons. Who wouldn’t want to say yes to an insanely inexpensive project? Likewise, the expensive contractors are the most experienced and knowledgeable, right? Well, no.

In most cases, it’s best to stick with fees that sound reasonable and standard. Why?
Because the extremes — either very cheap or expensive — should be red flags. Cheaper isn’t always better. It could indicate that the contractor hasn’t included all costs like labor or materials. Tacking these fees onto the original “cheap” price will quickly make the job expensive.

Likewise, increased costs don’t necessarily mean increased value when it comes to hiring a contractor. Only through careful research, referrals and authentic client reviews can you be confident that your expensive contractor really is the best and worth the fee.

Find a Reliable Contractor

Navigating the waters of commercial remodeling can feel tricky, confusing and even overwhelming. Bypass the confusion by working with the knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy construction team at Red Rock Construction. Call us today to get started on your project!

What You Need to Know About Your First Commercial Project

First-time commercial projects are exciting opportunities for property owners, though you should know a couple of important things before diving in.

Have you found a trusted construction company to redevelop or update your commercial real estate facilities? Do you have a clear understanding about the logistics?

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s OK. Whether you’re starting from scratch, building, demolishing, building out or merely in need of simple repairs, Red Rock Construction is the reliable Utah team eager to work with property owners ready to take the next step.

Get Trusted Expert Advice Early

The most important step in your commercial project is finding a trusted construction company to offer honest, beneficial advice. You want to work with a company that appreciates your project ideas, not just reaches for the money in your wallet.

Your chosen construction team should also understand your project’s vision. The company should be engaged and respectful, actively offer suggestions and improvements, ask relevant questions and give valuable advice. Build a relationship with your general contractor — you should be able to depend on them throughout this exciting but often nerve-wracking journey.

The earlier you bring a construction company on board, the better. That way, you don’t waste any time getting the project off the ground. An expert construction team will guide you through the complications of launching your project, from your imagination to paper and finally, to a real-life structure.

Understand Logistics of a Commercial Project

Even though the right construction team will stand by your side and offer sound advice, as the property owner, you need to understand what’s going on. Logistics, budget, conditions, permits — these are all important factors in the process.

You have to ask yourself questions like: Is this the best location for my project, and will the site work well with my ideas? Is my budget realistic? Am I able to get what I envision with the amount I have budgeted, or do I need to revisit my choices?

An experienced construction team like Red Rock will be able to help you with these questions and more.

Call Us Today

Don’t put off your commercial project any longer! If you’re looking for a trusted, reliable construction team, contact us at Red Rock Construction today. We’re happy to chat with you about your ideas and expectations. Our team is capable of any task you might have for us, and we look forward to hearing from you!

When to Rebuild a Commercial Space

Rebuilding a commercial space can be daunting. The idea will likely raise concerns about budget and you might not know where to start since the project seems so big. And where will you find a trusted construction team to do the work? However, the benefits of rebuilding should outweigh your doubts and concerns, especially if your goal is to have a fully modernized space with new plumbing, electrical, HVAC and more.

If your commercial building is severely out of date and necessary changes include replacing major units, consider consulting with an expert to discuss a rebuild. The team at Red Rock Construction is skilled at demolition and rebuilds and would be happy to help with your project.

rebuild a commercial space

If You Need Updated Systems

Renovating typically costs less than rebuilding. However, rebuilding could ultimately be your best option if you have serious concerns about the condition of your property. An overhaul will strengthen and modernize your building.

Tenants and new buyers are looking for convenience and quality, and will most likely prefer a building with a solid structure and modern internal systems. When you rebuild, property value will soar. Sometimes, starting from scratch improves your bottom line more than renovating.

If You Want a Modern Style

Aesthetically, you can only go so far with renovations. It’s impossible to fully modernize a building by refurbishing it alone, no matter how many fresh layers of paint you add or how many times you re-do the office bathrooms.

However, if you’re already considering rebuilding for foundational and internal system-related reasons, an upgrade offers an opportunity to build new, modern interiors.
Style is a necessity for most tenants and property owners on the hunt for that next great buy. During your rebuild, you’ll have the freedom to do away with out-of-date styles that a simple renovation might not accomplish.

By rebuilding now, you’ll get ahead of your competition with your foundation, updated systems and modern look.

Rebuild Your Commercial Space with Our Help

We understand that a rebuild can be intimidating, and that’s why at Red Rock Construction, we’re here for our clients from the beginning of the process to the end.

When you call or email us, we listen to your concerns and provide our expert opinion about whether a rebuild is right for your commercial space. If, based on our recommendation, you decide it’s best to move forward with a rebuild, our trusted team will take care of both the demolition and rebuild. We’re by your side during the entire process, answering questions and addressing concerns.

Opting for a rebuild is a big step, but it’s one we’ll take with you. Contact us today!

How to Know if it’s Time for Demolition  

Deciding that it’s time for demolition for your residential or commercial building can be a tough choice. Unlike remodeling or building out, once you start demolition, there’s no turning back. So you want to be sure that it’s the most practical solution for your problem.

What are some ways to tell if you’re on the right track?


Key Signs Demolition Is the Right Choice

A building’s foundation is the most important consideration during your decision-making process. Are foundational portions of your building buckling or cracking? Do you notice structural support weakening? Is mold spreading rapidly?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it could be time for demolition.

If the issues are too drastic to reasonably mend, then tearing the structure down, clearing away debris and starting over could be the most cost-effective solution. Otherwise, you might start a remodeling project only to realize halfway through that the building is too far gone.

Likewise, keep in mind that you might not have to demolish the entire structure, depending on what the issue is. If only one room has a severe mold issue or just the walls or ceiling feel unstable, it’s possible that renovation alone could solve the problem.

Save yourself from a financial mess and stress headache by bringing in a professional. It’s important to have an expert examine the building and provide you with their solution so that you don’t make any wrong assumptions.

Something else to consider: Do you love your current building’s location but dislike most design and structural components? If you’re not interested in sacrificing location but you require an overhaul, then knocking down the structure might make the most sense for your needs. Starting over will give you the freedom to pursue your design goals with fresh ideas and no restraint.

Be Conscious of Local Regulations

Every city and neighborhood has different housing and commercial building regulations, and it’s important to know what the rules are in your area before you pick up a hammer and start swinging.

Check restrictions for your neighborhood or city’s height and other building regulations. Don’t forget zoning and permit regulations, and look for ordinances banning or limiting certain size or style structures. If your property is a historic building, there are most likely strict regulations, especially if it’s located in a historic part of the town or city.

If you ultimately decide to demolish, pick the right construction company to handle the job. At Red Rock Construction, no demo project is too big for us. Give us a call or email us today for more information.

3 Steps for a Successful Tenant Buildout

Tenant buildouts can solve a number of problems for you, whether you’re a property owner or a renter. As a tenant, you won’t have to subscribe to somebody else’s office design and you’ll have the opportunity to see your dream rental space come to life. As a property owner, the real estate value will rise as the space is modernized and updates are made.

Are you ready to build out? Don’t let the idea intimidate you. The benefits outweigh the unknowns, and with the right construction company by your side, this project will be simple and stress-free.


1. Types of Tenant Buildouts

Clear communication between tenant and owner is necessary for the project to run smoothly. Before starting construction, the tenant and property owner need to be on the same page.

Conversations during the negotiation stage should include:

  • Who is paying for the project?
  • When should it be finished?
  • Who is hiring the construction company?
  • Is it a turnkey buildout or tenant improvement allowance?

Turnkey buildouts are undertaken by the landlord, who is responsible for the project cost with the tenant’s preferences in mind. The landlord is held liable and is responsible for the project’s budget, even if costs exceed the original negotiation. With a turnkey buildout, the tenant isn’t required to be part of the planning or project stages.

Alternatively, using the tenant improvement allowance format gives the tenant full control to select an architect, hire a contractor and purchase necessary items after negotiating a cash allowance provided by the landlord.

In this case, though, the renter is responsible for costs that surpass the amount negotiated. Negotiations are based on a dollar amount per square foot, so be sure to clearly communicate realistic and practical goals during the negotiation stages, because you don’t want the situation to get messy later.

2. Understanding Costs

Costs vary because all budgets and projects are different. Regardless, both tenant and landlord need to understand how much the buildout will cost. Remember that even if you’re opting for a tenant improvement allowance, the landlord will agree to cover only a specific amount.

Contact us for a construction project bid, so you both know what your project will look like in terms of cost.

3. Find a Reliable Construction Company

Ready to expand your space and increase its value? After all, a tenant buildout is a win-win situation for both the landlord and tenant. At Red Rock Construction, we do all the heavy lifting, demolition and building.

Call our dedicated team today if you’re ready to start your buildout!