Office Buildouts

Over time, office buildouts are inevitable. If you’re the original owner of an office or building, you probably started out at square one with a space consisting of little more than four walls and a door. Are you ready to build out with Red Rock Construction?

The idea behind a buildout is that the space will be finished to meet the needs of each tenant who rents your building or office. Buildouts are part of the natural progression of being a property owner, and the opportunities they offer should excite you rather than intimidate you. Realistic, well-planned projects will only increase your property’s value

However, we understand an office buildout can be a daunting prospectIf you’re a commercial property owner in Utah and your tenant is ready for an update, look to the trusted team at Red Rock Construction to take care of the project from beginning to end. We turn your ordinary office or building into an inspiring workplace.

Commercial Buildout Checklist for Utah Businesses

Finishing the space to meet your tenant’s needs should start with negotiations between you and your tenant. Be sure to communicate effectively. It’s important to be on the same page and aware of each other’s expectations.

 You both should have a clear understanding of the type of improvements you each want and the price required to complete the project. Spell out what improvements will be made, how much they will cost, who will pay for them and what the tenant will be expected to remove or alter at the end of their lease. 

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How Office Buildouts Improve Your Space

By choosing the team at Red Rock Construction to do your buildout, you’re guaranteed an easy, pain-free experience. One of our trusted project managers will lead a construction team to bring your designs and goals to life

Depending on the specific needs of you and your tenant, the result will be a fresh interior or exterior. This most likely will include newly painted walls, updated appliances and plumbing, refurbished or new conference rooms, and updates like new windows, landscaping and more. These changes will help your tenant present a more professional look to their employees and clients. Even better, the property value will likely rise.

Your Sandy, Utah Construction Solution

If you’re ready to build out, don’t wait to contact us. With years of experience and a trusted, efficient team, we’re the construction company to do the job. We keep you up to date during each stage of the project, from beginning to end. Call or email us today to start planning!