Rebuild Your Life after a Disaster with Building Maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT

Red Rock Construction’s rebuilding services recreate spaces destroyed by fire, earthquakes, floods, severe wind including that rare tornado, and other natural disasters. Red Rock Construction is proud to have been selected by homeowners and business owners from around Utah who found themselves in the unhappy position of having to rebuild after a disaster damaged their home or business.

One customer whose home was lost to a fire was particularly grateful when we went the extra mile to work with the insurance company and keep the tone “conscientious, courteous, and professional.” After the insurance issues were resolved, Red Rock Construction went on to complete the residential rebuild within four months.

Reasons to Rebuild a Home or Business

Not all rebuild customers are disaster survivors. Other reasons to rebuild a home or business can include the following:

  • Replacing structures that are unsafe or in poor condition
  • Increasing livability or workability of a space without building additions or relocating
  • Meeting new physical requirements that come with age and/or disability

Rebuilding brings many of the benefits of remodeling, including installing energy-efficient appliances, insulation, windows, and doors that save money on utility costs and may bring tax breaks as well. Our rebuilding services are similar to all our construction services and include items such as debris removal, planning and design to meet your specifications, paving, framing and truss work, masonry, steel work, glass work, woodworking, and more.

Be Prepared for Disasters!

The Utah Insurance Department has published a useful brochure on preparing for natural disasters, including a list of insurance and other documents homeowners need to have.

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