A commercial remodel may be the solution to your outdated office space. Does your space no longer accommodate your needs? Are you unable to meet sustainability goals with your setup? Are your employees grumpy trying to work in decades-old cubicles?

If you’re considering an office remodel and you’re tired of issues such as poor overhead lighting, tight spaces and an environmentally unfriendly atmosphere, modernize your office while you’re at it.

Take a look at our design and installation tips to consider during your remodel.

It’s Time to Go Green

If you dream of an eco-friendly office space, then a remodel is the perfect time to invest in sustainable initiatives.

Consider making your space LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED provides a framework to create a healthy and cost-saving space. It’s the most popular green building rating system in the world and can help with nearly all project types, including remodels.

And that’s just the beginning. Go green by tackling the building’s bones, too. Seal air leaks and install and upgrade to energy-efficient appliances and HVAC systems. To reduce your carbon footprint, use low-emissivity glass for windows and doors. Consider installing eco-friendly floors like hardwood, bamboo and cork for an added sustainable touch.

You and your employees can take easy, practical steps, too. Replace old lightbulbs with energy-efficient models. Use water sparingly, turn lights and computers off when they’re not in use and get a recycling bin.

Increase Natural Lighting

Dull, artificial fluorescent lights are known to cause headaches, eye strain and decreased productivity, especially in offices without much natural light. During your remodel, create space by making windows bigger to allow for more natural light in the office.

Natural lighting in the workplace:

  • Fights Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Increases visual clarity and color perception
  • Increases mental alertness and improves mood
  • Supports regulation of vitamin D, serotonin and melatonin, which can prevent illnesses

Create an Open Floor Plan During Your Commercial Remodel

The days of isolating office cubicles are gone. Such drab, cramped office styles have been replaced by contemporary layouts.

Open floor plans create innovative, modern and inspiring workspaces conducive to collaboration and communication.

Open floor plans beg for minimalistic design and décor. If your remodel includes expanding the office and knocking down walls, you’ll have a lot more space to work with. Consider consulting employees for their opinions on adding desks, live plants, couches and changing up the décor.

Find the Best Contractor for the Job

Are you excited about your commercial remodel? It can accomplish so much for your office space, employees and the environment.

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