Commercial remodeling and renovation might sound like similar projects to the untrained ear, but they’re actually very different undertakings.

If you’re looking to change your commercial building, you might be confused. Do you need a remodel or renovation? Well, are you altering your office’s structure? Or are you hoping to give it a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and some bathroom upgrades?

The goal is the same — to improve the structure, aesthetics and functionality of your space. But each approach requires different construction strategies.

Since the definitions aren’t interchangeable, you’ll need to know the difference so you can plan and communicate effectively with your contractor. Plus, if you plan to sell your building, a remodeled space is very different from a renovated one, so you’ll need to know how to communicate with realtors and interested buyers, too.

Commercial Remodeling

Remodeling means changing an entire room or building, including the structure, appearance and functionality. It improves or transforms the space and layout.

  • Remodeling is an involved project. Some common remodel examples include:
  • Expanding a building’s square footage
  • Gutting a space, removing walls or creating an addition
  • Adding plumbing or HVAC ducts
  • Converting to an open floor plan
  • Changing the structure of a room

Most remodeling projects are best left to experienced experts such as contractors. Because of the project’s complexity and the knowledge required, remodels are pricier than renovations and require more time and materials. The bigger your remodel, the more expensive it could get, depending on the length and depth of the project.
Your general contractor may also recommend consulting with an architect or building engineer.

How Renovation Is Different

When you renovate, you fix or update what you have. Renovations tend to be cosmetic changes, without the demolition or construction that a remodel might require.
Renovations are often cheaper than remodeling. Why? Because you’re doing cosmetic work and may not even need to hire a contractor. The cost for materials and labor are less too.
An office renovation might include a fresh coat of paint or updating bathrooms with new toilets and sinks. In contrast, a remodel would be a heavier undertaking, such as moving pipes to relocate a bathroom.

Who to Ask for Help with Commercial Remodeling

If you’re undergoing a commercial remodel or you’re still not sure what category your project belongs in, don’t worry. The team at Red Rock Construction has been doing all varieties of remodeling work for years, and we’re happy to help with your project! Call us today to get started updating your space.