Deciding that it’s time for demolition for your residential or commercial building can be a tough choice. Unlike remodeling or building out, once you start demolition, there’s no turning back. So you want to be sure that it’s the most practical solution for your problem.

What are some ways to tell if you’re on the right track? 

Key Signs Demolition Is the Right Choice

A building’s foundation is the most important consideration during your decision-making process. Are foundational portions of your building buckling or cracking? Do you notice structural support weakeningIs mold spreading rapidly? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it could be time for demolition. 

If the issues are too drastic to reasonably mend, then tearing the structure down, clearing away debris and starting over could be the most cost-effective solution. Otherwise, you might start a remodeling project only to realize halfway through that the building is too far gone. 

Likewise, keep in mind that you might not have to demolish the entire structure, depending on what the issue is. If only one room has a severe mold issue or just the walls or ceiling feel unstable, it’s possible that renovation alone could solve the problem. 

Save yourself from a financial mess and stress headache by bringing in a professional. It’s important to have an expert examine the building and provide you with their solution so that you don’t make any wrong assumptions

Something else to consider: Do you love your current building’s location but dislike most design and structural components? If you’re not interested in sacrificing location but you require an overhaul, then knocking down the structure might make the most sense for your needs. Starting over will give you the freedom to pursue your design goals with fresh ideas and no restraint. 

Be Conscious of Local Regulations

Every city and neighborhood has different housing and commercial building regulations, and it’s important to know what the rules are in your area before you pick up a hammer and start swinging

Check restrictions for your neighborhood or city’s height and other building regulations. Don’t forget zoning and permit regulations, and look for ordinances banning or limiting certain size or style structures. If your property is a historic building, there are most likely strict regulations, especially if it’s located in a historic part of the town or city. 

If you ultimately decide to demolish, pick the right construction company to handle the job. At Red Rock Construction, no demo project is too big for us. Give us a call or email us today for more information.