In our over 40 years assisting both commercial and residential clients with their remodeling and building needs, we at Red Rock Construction have received one question as frequently as any other: Do I need to move out of my home or vacate my office building during the remodeling process?

There’s no set answer here – it will depend on the details of your remodel and your exact situation. Using the basic home remodeling process as our example, let’s go over a few basics on why moving might be sensible for you, plus some tips for preparing for this move if you decide it’s the prudent choice.

Why Moving Makes Sense

In general, we recommend moving out of your home during any significant remodel process so long as you can afford to do so. We know that this isn’t possible for everyone, and there are certainly certain remodeling projects that aren’t as invasive and won’t require a move-out.

For any larger projects, though, here are some reasons why you might consider vacating the property during the work:

  • Dust: Most remodeling projects tend to create a sizable amount of dust, even despite the precautions we take to help keep it contained. For anyone in the home who has respiratory issues like asthma or allergies in particular, this can be a big hassle to deal with.
  • Access: Depending on the area of the remodel being done, you might be blocked from basic access to areas like the bathroom or food storage. In some cases, living in the space will be nearly impossible for these reasons.
  • Disruptions: Beyond these practical reasons, larger remodeling projects can be a major disruption to your basic routine and daily life – to the point where it’s often worth it for many people to relocate for a few days instead.

Preparing for the Move

If you’ve decided to leave the house during your remodeling project, here are some basic preparation tips we can offer:

  • Find a replacement living situation: Where you look here will depend on the type and length of your remodel. If it’s a smaller project that will only take a few days, look to a hotel or AirBNB. If it will be several weeks or months, consider extended-stay hotels or even a short-term lease.
  • Other basics: Ensure any pets in the home have a place to go as well, plus set up any protections for plants or other home items that need it. If you have regular home services like a cleaner, be sure to inform them of the length of your absence.
  • Protection: Box any breakables in at-risk areas, and cover any furniture you’re concerned about.
  • Security: Give your contractor a secondary code for the security system – and then change it for good after they leave for security.
  • Check in: Stop by every now and then just to make sure everything is going well – we’ll be happy to have you! Don’t be concerned by the dust levels or any mess, which we’ll fully clean and remove for you before you return.

For more on preparing for vacating your home during a remodel, or to learn about any of our general contractor services, speak to the pros at Red Rock Construction today.